Silver River Clear Lash Adhesive
Silver River Clear Lash Adhesive
Silver River Clear Lash Adhesive

Silver River Clear Lash Adhesive

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It is used to attach a lash extension to a person’s natural eyelashes in the lash application process. This adhesive is clear and pure without carbon or ink.

It is a highly concentrated cyanoacrylate, a fast-drying, glue-like chemical bonding agent, and it is designed for speed and ultimate fastening power. With a fast-drying time of 1 - 1.5 seconds, it allows for instant and seamless attachment, long-lasting retention, and flexible humidity range.

  • 1-1.5 sec dry time
  • 25-75 relative humidity range
  • Ideal temp range: 18.5C-24C 
  • 5g
  • Odourless 
  • Available in packages of 1, 2, 3, or 5
  • Pickup available in Mississauga

Recommended usage and tips:

  1. Do not store in rice
  2. Do not use a primer unless client has oily lashes 
  3. Use only on clean lashes. Clients must cleanse lash-line with professional-grade lash cleanser before application to achieve the longest retention
  4. Keep away from direct sunlight
  5. Store in a cool dry place
  6. Shake well before dispensing a drop
  7. Clean nozzle with a lint-free wipe after dispensing a drop
  8. Use red stopper in the package after opening adhesive to minimize exposure to humidity 
  9. Replace drop every 15-20 min unless using out glue palette 30-40 min
  10. Shock polymerize drop on the palette when you are done with it to protect you and your client
  11. Wear protective mask during application
  12. Avoid contact with skin
  13. May cause allergic reaction to sensitive clients
  14. Replace adhesive every 4-6 weeks