Meet Lulu


Lulu Lange is the founder and owner of Lash Lab Professional. Lulu has always been an advocate for ensuring that women have the tools to show up as the best version of themselves.

In 2011, while juggling several priorities including school (Biotechnology at McMaster University) 2 jobs (RBC & Apple), and her family, Lulu would get her lashes done and began to take an interest in the industry as a whole. The feeling of confidence that came with a fresh set of lashes is a feeling that she wanted other women to experience. In 2013, Lulu began doing lashes part-time but decided during her final year of university that this was something she wanted to pursue full-time. One year later, she opened the very first iteration of Lash Lab Professional

Lash Lab Professional is much more than a lash studio. Thanks to her background in engineering, Lulu’s eye for innovation was the key in unlocking a new level of eyelash extensions products and services within an industry that had remained pretty status quo since its inception. For example, Lash Lab offers facial analysis to provide a custom lash set for each individual client because after all, no two sets of eyes are the same and no sets of eyelash extensions are the same. Her background in biotechnology aided in the development of her signature lash adhesive which is anti-irritant as well as fast setting. Lastly, Lash Lab’s top-selling high quality lash product, the dopamine tweezer, has received praise from lash designers and professionals across the globe. 

When she isn’t in the studio or working on one of her many other projects, Lulu enjoys cooking, working out, and catching up on podcasts. 


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