Shelf Life: 

Unopened: 6 months

Opened: Depends on usage. Lash Lab Pro recommends replacing your adhesive every 3-6 weeks depending on frequency of usage 

Indication: For professional certified eyelash extension artist use only. Do not use on yourself. Eyes are to remain closed throughout the entire application. Do not use on open eyes. Use product with caution and care. Product utilizes the moisture in material, skin and surroundings avoid contact with skin or organic surfaces. Keep away from heat and flames. Use in well ventilated area and drink water between clients to reduce sensitivity.

  • Do not store in rice
  • Do not use a primer unless client has oily lashes
  • Use only on clean lashes. Clients must cleanse lash-line with professional-grade lash cleanser before application to achieve the best retention
  • Shake well before dispensing a drop
  • Store opened adhesive in an air-tight container if humidity is high or original zip packaging with silica. Keep away from heaters, direct sunlight and open flames. Do not leave glue in any uncontrolled environment such as your car.
  • Clean nozzle with a lint-free wipe or makeup sponge after dispensing a drop. Do not use tissue or wet towels. 
  • Use red stopper in the package after opening adhesive to minimize exposure to humidity
  • Replace drop every 15-20 min unless using our glue palette 30-40 min
  • Shock polymerize drop on the palette when you are done with it to protect you and your client
  • Wear a protective mask during application
  • Avoid contact with skin. May cause an allergic reaction or irritation to sensitive clients

Lash Lab Pro is not liable or responsible for any mis-use or damage caused by the adhesive. You are responsible for using the adhesive correctly and appropriately with care and avoid damage to surroundings and or contact to skin.

to remove from inorganic surfaces/ floor you may attempt to use our clean slate cream remover.