At Lash Lab Pro, We pride ourselves in delivering unparalleled Eyelash extensions experience.  

From customized complementary consultations to exclusive facial analysis to hand making and applying premium quality lash fiber to waking up feeling fresh and looking your best, Lash Lab Pro is here to help YOU feel and look your best

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We offer different types of Eyelash Extensions Sets to suit your unique needs:

 Simple Girl 

This set consists of the meticulously applied individual eyelash extension per one natural lash that you have. For those who are satisfied with the number of natural eyelashes you have and you're looking to add curl or length , or love a simplistic look this set is for you!



This set is a mix of classic and volume. It is the closest thing to natural looking lashes.50% of your eye alternating mix is volume(3D), 50% is classic.This set is for you if you'd would like extra fullness and a natural look or if you would like to try volume but you're not sure if you'll like it, or if you have sparse lashes and gaps throughout their lash lines


Express Volume for the busy bees who don't have the time, can't stay still, or have back issues.

 Bold Girl 

Many clients have a misconception that volume lashes are super dramatic and fake looking.When used correctly, handcrafted volume fans are more versatile than classic lashes in a sense of achieving either a natural or elevated look.They have a more fluffy and full appearance and range anywhere from 2-6D which refers to how many lashes are attached to each one individual lash. The lashes used in volume have a smaller diameter, are lighter and last longer.

 Mega Babe!  

The name says it all.. MEGA! Full and fluffy volume eyelash extensions 6D-10D per one natural lash. Warning: This set is dramatic. This set is also recommended to clients with very thin lashes and if you love a bold + dark lash line this service is for you!