No.23 Eyelash Extensions Superbonder

No.23 Eyelash Extensions Superbonder

No.23 Eyelash Extensions Superbonder

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This eyelash extension superbonder solution is the key to superior retention. With an innovative formula that increases retention by 30% or 2 additional weeks, it seals the point of attachment and secures the bond in place, adding elasticity and reducing sensitivity and allergic reactions. 

  • adds elasticity to the adhesive increasing retention 
  • polymerizes the adhesive safely without shock polymerization
  • reduces irritation and sensitivity to adhesive radicals 
  • Direction for Use:
  1. Once you've completed the eyelash treatment, wait 3-5 minutes and apply 1 small drop of No. 23 Superbonder onto a micro fiber brush  and carefully apply at the bottom 2-3mm of the eyelash set (adhesive contact area). Make sure to apply only a small drop of the product(a little goes a long way) to avoid getting it into the client's eye, which may cause eye irritation and/or stinging.
  2. Allow the product to dry for 1-2 minutes. 
  3. Remove the eyepatches and let the client open their eyes.

Capacity: 15ml

Caution: Do not get solution into eyes.

If gets into the eye use a lash fan or rinse with warm water

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