Here's what people are saying about Lash Lab Pro 

"I picked up the swan volume tweezer to use for classic lash application. It's honestly been a game changer for me, and has replaced my straight tweezers! It has fantastic grip and tension, and is light enough that my hand doesn't cramp after multiple hours of lashing. The short, angled tip makes tricky inner corner placement a breeze. It's definitely at the top of my tweezer arsenal and I highly recommend it!"

- Natalie, A Girl and Her Lashes (Swan Volume Tweezer)

"My current favourite tweezer. I LOVE Your Tweezers!!!"

- Michelle H., lash artist (Grip Tweezer)

"I wanted to say THANK YOU 🙏🏼 for letting me try your lashes. They fan like a dream! They are probably the second lashes I’ve tried that can truly “self fan”. Everything, from the moment I pick up from the strip, to actually creating my fan and placing it on the NL worked like butter. You have a gold mine here. I will for sure be ordering from you."

- Marbella, Moda Lash Bar (Volume Lashes)


"I have been going to Lulu for more than a year now and each time I am treated with friendly professional service! Lulu is so talented at lashes, I get so many compliments on my lashes even 4 weeks after my refill. She knows her products and gives you the truth on what your lashes can handle. I started with hybrids then transitioned to volumes and now I have mega volumes and I am obsessed with them each time! I am so lucky to have found an amazing lash artist that cares about her clients! HIGHLY recommend to anyone that is looking for a lash artist either a new client or looking to switch because she’s amazing at what she does and she also takes the time to listen to what you want and tell you the best style for your eye shape. She also takes the time to go over care and how to get the most out of your lashes, which from other artists I have never gotten this type of treatment! You can tell Lulu really cares about her clients - all around amazing products and amazing service!!"

- Caroline V. (mega volume lashes)


"Lulu is absolutely great!! Her consults before each full set or refill are extremely professional. She really takes her time and gives her professional opinion on what’s safe and what’s not safe when it comes to lash styles and lengths for your eye shape. Service is amazing!!! She provides information on different products to use/stay away from in order to protect your lashes. The atmosphere is phenomenal, spa like feel, soft aroma lingers throughout the room adding an amazing touch, mind and body are ease throughout your appointment. Guarantee first visit will surely not be your last."

- Sunmola A. (volume lashes)

"Best lashes ever. Comfy, pretty, spa like lash studio, wonderful customer service and my lashes are ridiculously gorgeous!"

- Charity J. (volume lashes)

"Had my lashes done by her for my first time and it was such an awesome experience. Lulu is an amazing woman and makes you feel super comfortable when doing your lashes. She also did such an amazing beautiful job as well. I always recommend her to friends and family and also customers from my work. If your looking to have the perfect lashes and also a relaxing time as well you must see Lulu."

- Danielle (classic lashes)

This is my first time ever getting lash extensions and I'm so happy I got them done with Lulu. At first I inquired to book a full set, and after knowing this was my first experience, Lulu suggested that I get a patch test to ensure I did not have any allergies to the products being used. After that, Lulu checked-in over the weekend to see if I was okay. From this initial experience, to the end result of opening my eyes and falling in love with how full my extensions looked, I can honestly say the service and skill were well worth the money. My first experience with lashe extensions and The Lash Lab have left a good first impression of lash extensions altogether. Lulu looks after you and ensures you get what you go in wanting. The effort and desire to make that happen are what really made this experience one of a kind. Thank you, Lulu!

- Theresa M. (hybrid lashes)

"I was referred to Lash Lab from a friend & all I can say it was the best choice. Out of all the places from Mississauga to Hamilton Lulu's work is amazing. The space itself is very relaxing & the passion she has about making women feel beautiful is something you don't find anymore. Thank you Lulu for the amazing lashes! You're such a great soul and fantastic business women. Cannot wait to get my fill done. Lashes always on point thanks to you!"

- Stephanie S. (volume lashes)


"Lulu is absolutely amazing 😍. This is the best lash service in the GTA and I've tried so many places and been getting my lashes done for years. She takes the best care of you explains everything to you and fills up every single lash unlike other places. She is very accommodating and she took me in last minute at night. She's very understanding and I absolutely love my lashes!"

- Tala A. (classic lashes)

"Not only is Lulu unbelievably talented, she’s also super sweet! I’ve received countless compliments on my eyelashes since I started seeing Lulu. Thanks Lulu!!"

- Ashley B. (volume lashes)

"Lulu's work was amazing! The extensions were perfect to the smallest details. The place is also so pretty and relaxing. Definitely recommend her for anyone who wants to invest in lashes!"

- Amna M. (classic lashes) 

"So incredibly happy with my lashes. Best set I've gotten by far. I have received endless compliments on my lashes and now everyone wants to know where to go!! I never go out of my way to write a review but this time, I had to. Thank you so much Lulu, you're truly amazing at what you do!"

- Amanda R. (volume lashes)

"I love my lashes! So full and light ❤️. Very clean place, and Lulu puts you at ease always. She listens and does exactly what you want. Highly recommend!!!"

- Hala A. (classic lashes)

"Lulu takes such good care of you and your lashes. I always receive non-stop complements after a refill, so get ready to feel amazing. I've been going to her for about a year now and I trust no one else with my lashes."

- Abbey M. (classic lashes)

"I have been to a few lash salons and have to say I really enjoyed my experience at Lash Lab Professional... caring and I LOVE MY LASHES!!..I recommend Lash Lab big time."

- Maria L (volume lashes) 

"If i could give more stars for a rating, i would! Lulu is literally an angel, she is the sweetest and does the BEST lashes I've ever seen. i was nervous to have my lashes done for the first time but she took such great care in understanding her client's needs and working with her client to provide the best service and the best experience. her work space is incredible and she knows what she's doing. My lashes look unreal every time and I get endless compliments. I literally feel like Beyonce when I get my lashes done by Lulu, 1000% recommend her to anyone and everyone."

- Harlin K. (volume lashes)

"Lulu changes lives."

- Mona M. (volume lashes)


"Such an amazing experience ! 100% deserves 5 stars! Couldn’t have had a better experience ! I would recommend Lulu’s course and lashes to anyone and everyone !! Sooo happy 😍"

- Kayla (Classic Training)

"Lash Lab Pro exceeded my expectations for lash extension training. I was very impressed with the quality of the training material, and the environment in which the 2 day course was conducted in. Lulu is very knowledgable about the health and safety, product application, after care, and proper practices that she teaches. Her attention to detail when communicating the information to ensure nothing was missed, was amazing. I found she was open to answer any questions I had, and she has stayed in contact with me for follow up and guidance post training, and really taken the time to ensure my success. If you’re looking for a great place to train, and somewhere where you will walk away confident, then Lash Lab is hands down the right choice - thank you Lulu”

- Lindsay B., LaBelle Lash Lounge (Classic Training)

"The classic eyelash extension course that I took with Lulu was amazing! Lulu herself is a very skilled lash artist who truly cares about her clients and students. Throughout the course she was very informative and patient, and she taught me everything I needed to know in order for me to successfully start my business. The course itself is very organized as there is a booklet with all the information needed as well as hands on practice for us to adequately master the skill of this craft. After the course, Lulu was kind enough to check up on me and insisted that I'd ask her any questions that I may have! I truly recommend her to anyone interested in becoming a lash technician. Thank you Lulu/Lash Lab Pro!"

- Gina P. (Classic Training)


"Not gunna lie. This set took me a long heckin’ time. This must have been me working into my 4th hour of my volume comprehensive training with @lashlabprofessional. I was TIYAD but the most determined to get the perfect line and set.

I completely fell in love with Lulu and lashing all over again. She made sure I was well equipped in every way possible. She tested my tweezers to make sure that they would make the perfect fan every time (as she does with all her tweezers and products.) She made sure I was shaking my glue and changing it so that my retention would be thebomb.com. She didn’t assuming I knew everything so that she could cut corners in her training. She went over E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

If my fans were not perfectly symmetrical, I wasn’t allowed to use them. HENCE THE 4Hs@😭 For those of you that know me well, know that I’m a full-time teacher. This really made me value how much time and thought she put into her curriculum.  Every question I had, she answered and a she never lost patience with me.

I left training feeling the most comfortable o have ever felt leaving any training I’ve ever been too. Thank you @lashlabprofessional for doin what ya do ❤️"

-Layal S. , Lashedbyluu (Volume Comprehensive Training)