Professional Lash Supplies Reviews

Here's what other Lash Artists are saying about Lash Lab Pro products

"I picked up the swan volume tweezer to use for classic lash application. It's honestly been a game changer for me, and has replaced my straight tweezers! It has fantastic grip and tension, and is light enough that my hand doesn't cramp after multiple hours of lashing. The short, angled tip makes tricky inner corner placement a breeze. It's definitely at the top of my tweezer arsenal and I highly recommend it!"

- Natalie, A Girl and Her Lashes (Swan Volume Tweezer)

"My current favourite tweezer. I LOVE Your Tweezers!!!"

- Michelle H., lash artist (Grip Tweezer)

"I wanted to say THANK YOU 🙏🏼 for letting me try your lashes. They fan like a dream! They are probably the second lashes I’ve tried that can truly “self fan”. Everything, from the moment I pick up from the strip, to actually creating my fan and placing it on the NL worked like butter. You have a gold mine here. I will for sure be ordering from you."

- Marbella, Moda Lash Bar (Volume Lashes)