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The latest addition to our professional level adhesive lineup. Specifically formulated for cooler temperatures, Black rain magnetizes to the lash creating an everlsting bond. find it in your swag bag

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Black rain black pigmented eyelash extension adhesive
Black rain black pigmented eyelash extension adhesive
Black rain black pigmented eyelash extension adhesive
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Black rain black pigmented eyelash extension adhesive
Black rain black pigmented eyelash extension adhesive
Black rain black pigmented eyelash extension adhesive

Black rain black pigmented eyelash extension adhesive


This is a black pigmented concentrated cyanoacrylate adhesive used to attach a lash extension to a person’s natural eyelashes in the lash application process. It allows for instant and seamless attachment, long-lasting retention, and flexible humidity range. Black Rain black eyelash extension adhesive is suitable for cooler environments. It is very fast setting ( faster than Mar Preto (Mp))

A highly concentrated cyanoacrylate, a fast-drying, glue-like chemical bonding agent designed for speed and ultimate adhesion power with a fast drying time of 0.5 seconds.

  • 0.5 sec dry time
  • Ideal temp: 15-24C 
  • Relative humidity: 30-60%
  • Odourless
  • 5g
  • available in one time and subscription based (10% OFF)
  • subscription cannot be combined with other promo codes, discounts or offers.
  • for any adjustment needed to be made to your subscription such as cancellation or combining shipments of other products please email atleast 72 hours before your automatic subscription shipment date.
  • If you wish to cancel subscription please email us at with subject line subscription cancellation and include necessary information. We require 72 hr notice for subscription cancellation prior to your automatic bill date according to your subscription frequency (12:00AM)


Recommended usage and tips:

  1. Do not store in rice
  2. Use primer when client has oily lashes 
  3. Use only on clean lashes. Clients must cleanse lash-line with professional-grade lash cleanser before application to achieve the longest retention
  4. Keep away from direct sunlight
  5. Store in a cool dry place
  6. Shake well before dispensing a drop
  7. Burp your adhesive and clean nozzle with a lint-free wipe after dispensing a drop
  8. Use red stopper in the package after opening adhesive to minimize exposure to humidity 
  9. Replace drop every 15-20 min unless using out glue palette 30-40 min
  10. Shock polymerize drop on the palette when you are done with it to protect you and your client
  11. Wear a protective mask during application
  12. Avoid contact with skin
  13. May cause an allergic reaction to sensitive clients
  14. Replace adhesive as needed

What's inside:

  • Black Rain black adhesive bottle(5mL) 
  • Extra Nozzle
  • Red Adhesive pin

What Our Customers Say

Dina E.

I am so greatful I came across this adhesive. Everything about it is truly unmatched. As a lash tech, it’s very important for me to know that I am using top quality products on my customers and this adhesive assures me of that. Mar Preto has low fumes, amazing retention, and the perfect dry time to avoid stickies. The technology behind it really sets it apart from any other adhesive i’ve used. Mar Preto has facilitated my lashing process tremendously. So glad I found my go to adhesive! Thank you lashlab🤍

Magda C.

I've been using LG for YEARS! My empty bottle collection is the proof of it.Love that quality is always consistent, I never have to worry about humidity or temperature that can go to extremes between winter and summer. I don't even look at my hygrometer because my retention is great no matter what. I can't thank Lulu enough for this fabulous product. It made my business thrive, because of the retention and worry-free use in all 4 seasons.

Jamie L.

ABSOLUTELY IN LOOOVE !!! These lashes are jet black and fan like butter 🤍🖤

Megan K.

I wish I bought them sooner! Believe me when I say the whole tweezer has a sweet spot. I make fans effortlessly, they’re sharp and the tension is perfect (my hand doesn’t get tired from using them). (Dopamine Tweezers)

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