Writing social media captions for your clients

The truth is your clients want to know about the value you offer and the problems you can solve for them. They most likely don't care about the length, diameter, and curl of the set you are posting about. 

If your captions sound something like this: " CC curl 0.07 7-13mm Lash Lab Pro mink using Lash Lab Pro Mar Preto adhesive" 

It is time to change that up. 

Your captions should be strategically written so they can provide value to your target audience.


Know your audience 

As a lash designer, your audience is your clients and potential clients. A common mistake we see with lash designers is that they target their captions towards other lash artists and use language that clients do not understand. Your client most likely does not know what NL and EE  mean or the difference between 0.06 and 0.03. The better way to caption a volume set vs a classic set is " we used an extra fine diameter to create fullness and added length while maintaining the health of your natural lashes".


Provide Value 

Just like in the caption we used, providing a dark and full lash line, that lasts a while maintaining the health of the natural lash is something your client may be looking for. So when you're about to write those captions, put yourself in your target clients shoes and think of what they may be looking for and what they expect from their lash designer. 

talking about how eyelash extensions can save you 30 - 45 minutes of getting ready time everyday is perfect caption topic for a busy bee who is trying to look well put together and save time in the morning. Even for the busy mom who wants to feel confident and look good while tending to her kids and doesn't have those extra 30 minutes to put mascara or makeup on.


Add a call to action (CTA) 

Your captions should have a call to action to engage your potential client. Either commenting below or referring them to your website to checkout a before and after (transformations) page with a book now button on that page. 



Written by Lulu Lange 


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