Social Media Planning for your Lash Biz



There are multiple reasons to pre-plan your social media content: 

1. Work smarter not harder 

2. When you commit time in the week/month to plan your content you free up more time to focus on the more important stuff

3. Build a cohesive & well-structured content across all media platforms

4. Branding is all about consistency! When you're consistently present sis people will know who that girl is! Spontaneous posts are fine when opportunity strikes. But steady progress requires discipline!


How to plan your social media content: 

  • Identify themes. They can be seasonal, reflect current events or trends, or play on your target audience’s lifestyle and/or values. Choose themes that lend themselves to your brand personality and products.
  • Choose the right formats. Would Stories, a photo carousel, a video series, or some other post or ad type best deliver your intended message? 
  • Don’t wait to write captions. You should always be ready to post, even if your publishing schedule gets thrown.
  • Pay attention to timing. Schedule posts based on how much time you’ll need for content creation and the most appropriate time(s) to publish.
  • Establish workflows. Carve out a dedicated block of Instagram time, or determine a daily post quantity, whatever suits your needs.The process of sitting down and planning your content for the week or month is called batching.

    Ways to pre-plan your social media content: 


    1. Old-school pen and paper 📝⁠
    2. An app or social media tool ⁠
    3. Excel spreadsheet with days, platform, and time ⁠

    You could do this on a specific day of the week or a specific day of the month. This allows you to collect images of your clients and create content using apps like: 

    • Canva 
    • Picsart
    • Wordswag 
    • Unfold 
    • Storyswag 
    • Made 
    • Mojo 

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